About Us

Water treatment has become an industry with many players offering different solutions to treat contaminated water. Geeta Enterprise is one of the best water filtration companies that use latest technology to treat water. It has been working in water treatment industry since a long time and today it is a trustworthy name in the industry.

Water treatment manufacturers have to rely on technology and for technology they need talent and resources. Geeta Enterprise is always ahead than others as it has a team of experienced engineers and a large manpower of seasoned technicians trained to work with sophisticated technology and advance tools used for installing and maintaining plants.

We use ultrafiltration water purification system for residential and industrial uses. Our system involves use of latest technology that keeps changing from time to time and our objective is to provide latest technological solutions to our clients. The process starts with studying the infrastructure of the client and matching a solution that fits into the needs clients.

Our ultrafiltration system is the best and the latest in the industry and our engineers are quite efficient in customizing the solutions. We believe that only customized solutions can provide real help. We avoid suggesting solutions that are unviable for clients as we want our clients to take maximum advantage of the technology.

Geeta Enterprise is one of the few water purification companies that that have solutions for every need. We are able to do a quick estimation of need and provide quick price quote for consideration of clients. Also we are quick in executing projects.