Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment is a process of cleaning contaminated water to make it useful and the process involves physical and chemical cleaning to remove solid waste and oil and grease from the water. A cleaning tank is needed to clean the wastewater and a system is created to release the water for reuse.

Geeta Enterprise can make a fully functional sewage treatment facility, if you need one. The plant will be so designed and manufactured that it uses little energy but provides excellent results. The solid waste will be collected in the base and lightweight material will float over the water along with oil and other fatty substances.

First step in the sewage treatment process is physical cleaning that removes maximum amount of waste material from the water. Second step is cleaning the oily substances and lightweight material. Finally the water is treated for reuse and released in the water bodies after clinical tests.

Geeta Enterprise is sewage water treatment plant manufacturer at the most cost effective price. And we can provide solution to every industry from domestic to manufacturing. A sewage treatment tank with advance cleaning system can clean a large volume of wastewater and in this way provide clean water suitable for drinking and bathing.

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