Water Softening Plant

Geeta Enterprise is one of the leading water softener plant manufacturers with vast experience in providing water treatment and management systems for different needs. Hard water contains metals like calcium, chloride and magnesium but once the metals are removed, the water becomes soft.

What you need for softening hard water is a fully functional softener plant that Geeta Enterprise can provide. The process of removing hardness from water involves reverse osmosis. A process of ion-exchange polymers is started to make hard water soft. A softening plant can be installed to get soft water. We can make a plant at your premises.

We have made water softener plants for manufacturing and domestic industries. These plants work where water is drawn from natural resources like ground water and other water bodies like river and ponds. Hard water is collected and treated with reverse osmosis to make it soft enough to be used by human.

Let our engineers check possibilities of installing a water softener plant at your premise and provide you quick estimate of the plant. We will study your needs before setting the plant so that you can take maximum advantage of the plant. Our objective is to provide the solution that not only fits into your needs but that remains affordable.

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